Aristotle claimed that virtue lies in the mean between the extremes.
About Detalus

Virtue lies in between the extremes. Nowhere is this more true than investing. Fly too high, and you're bound to crash. Fly too low, and you'll miss opportunities.

Detalus helps you steer a steady course to meet your investment goals, smoothing the way with investment expertise, risk management, and education.

What We Believe

Our beliefs and guiding values affect not only our work as investment professionals,
but also how we interact in all parts of our lives.

Excellence isn't a goal - it's something you have to choose and rechoose every day.
Detalus Guiding Value:
Honesty & Integrity
Detalus Guiding Value:
Striving Everyday to Achieve Our Vision and Goals
Detalus Guiding Value:
Collaboration & Team Work
Detalus Guiding Value:
Dedication to Exceeding Our Clients' Expectations
Detalus Guiding Value:
Commitment to Ongoing Employee Education & Professional Growth
Full History
Steve Rull and Joe Garea, after years of bringing clients success at other firms, branch out and form Manchester Partners.
From this relationship, the independent broker/dealer firm Hancock Securities (Member FINRA, SIPC) is created. Clint Lewis, Managing Director, joins the team to focus on developing the team and suite of products and services and overall compliance responsibilities.
In 2001, Detalus Advisors was formed as the firm’s investment advisory and portfolio management affiliate. An SEC Registered Investment Advisor, Detalus Advisors allows the team to work with clients to manage portfolios on an ongoing and discretionary basis.
Detalus’ affiliated companies include an independent broker / dealer, an investment advisor, and a consulting group focused on the financial services, financial technology, and startup spaces.
Our management team has over 125 years of combined experience in the industry. More importantly, our team collaborates, bringing talents and energy to every client relationship.
Our Team
Creating values is more than delivering profits.
It's building a strong community through service.